Since 1996, de Pury Pictet Turrettini & Co Ltd has accompanied its clients, private and institutional, in their search for a lasting solution to their wealth management needs.
In view of our experience and knowledge, we interpret their varying needs and expectations in order to deliver a thorough, focused and personalised service.

Private banking

de Pury Pictet Turrettini & Co Ltd's main objective is to fully understand all of our clients’ specific needs and objectives for their assets

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Asset management

de Pury Pictet Turrettini & Co Ltd also manages securities portfolios for families and institutions

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Family office

de Pury Pictet Turrettini & Co Ltd proposes a specific and specialized business model for the management of your assets

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Signatory of the PRI since 2008
Co-founder of Blue Orchard, the first Microfinance fund
A pioneer in sustainable finance

de Pury Pictet Turrettini & Cie SA is affiliated
with the OFS mediation office.

Our values

Whether our clients are individuals or corporates, they above all have faces, voices and identities. For us, it is both a quality standard and an ethical principle to know each one of them. Since each of our clients is different, it is only by thoroughly knowing his or her needs and what the client’s assets are like that a distinctive and personalized service can be provided.

 Knowing our clients is:

  • adapting our management approach to their needs
  • making sure that they have the same relationship managers who are familiar with of their specific assets and ways of lives
  • making sure that they can access all of the services required for optimal management of their assets, in financial, industrial and ethical terms.

Our Team

Access Funds

Cadmos Engagement Funds

We are convinced that the global socio-economic environment is undergoing a profound transformation and that environmental, social and governance factors will impact investor behavior in the coming decades.
The Buy & Care® investment strategy of the Cadmos engagement funds is based on key principles:

  • Reconcile performance with responsibility
  • Promote a sound and long-term management style
  • Exercise investor voting rights
  • Systematic dialogue with the management


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EIC Funds

The structural transformation of the energy system is in full swing. This change of how energy is produced and consumed is driven by technology advances and growing environmental awareness. A successful energy transition requires substantial investments in new infrastructure and its modernization, renewable energy sources, energy efficiency and energy storage technologies.

Through our investment products we offer investors access to our unique expertise in identifying and capitalizing on structural shifts in the energy sector. Over the past 15 years we have been part of the energy transition and have been able to produce substantial alpha returns.

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WFIV - Secular Trends Funds

We expect 3 major fundamental secular trends over the next decade:

  • Technology will create a digital disruption across sectors globally, thanks to improving connectivity, big data, artificial intelligence and robotics
  • Demographic changes including the growing importance of the Millennials & Z generations as well the rising middle class in emerging markets
  • Climate change will accelerate the adoption of clean technologies and the revolution of the energy ecosystem

The WFIV- Secular Trends fund offers exposure to a diversified and global portfolio of high quality companies underpinned by these secular growth drivers.

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The Funds managed and promoted by PPT all aim to benefit from the transition into the next industrial revolution. The way we power our economy, the way we communicate and the way we move goods and humans are disrupted by significant technological advances. These technological innovations will fundamentally challenge the current centralization of power in both senses of the word. Power as in energy but also in the understanding of governance, transparency and disintermediation.

The EIC Funds launched in 2003, The Cadmos Funds launched in 2006 and more recently the WFIV-Secular Trends Fund all were developed to specifically benefit from these paradigm shifts.


Core themes of 2021: Distribution of the vaccines and normalisation of the economy
Modestly positive return potential in 2021, despite strong capital markets in recent months
Investment focus on equities in a persistently low interest rate environment.



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  • CH – 1204 Genève
  • T. +41 22 317 00 30
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