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Private Clients

Trusted partner

Our ambition: to be a leading independent portfolio manager for our clients and their families.

We want to be your partner for the preservation, growth and control of your assets, generation after generation. To achieve this, we listen carefully to your needs in order to understand your objectives, get to know you better in order to reach the appropriate solutions.

We are available, whichever the situation, with a clear and distinct standpoint. By empowering our employees, we ensure both a high-quality service and transparent execution.

Outstanding expertise is obtained from our partners: banks, lawyers, fiduciaries, notaries or family offices, thus offering you a tailor-made support.

Discretionary asset management

Pragmatic solutions adapted to your own financial situation.

The aim is to enable an experienced investment professional to manage your assets on your behalf. As a trusted partner, we take the time to understand your personal and tax situation linked to your residence, as well as your limits of tolerance to risk, in order to reach adequate tailor-made solutions.
Careful portfolio monitoring, backed by regular analysis, ensures that your investments are always adjusted to the evolution of the situation.

Our investment process combines the pursuit of value creation while respecting the environmental, social and governance (ESG) principles of sustainable finance.

Investment advice (advisory)

This type of mandate allows you to manage your assets yourself, while benefiting from our support and advice. We offer you:

  • Expertise in all asset classes and currencies
  • Continuous support in terms of macroeconomic analysis
  • Analysis of our convictions

Wealth planning

Our mission is not just limited to building a portfolio. We are able to introduce you to a network of wealth experts. Our comprehensive and personalised analysis allows us to define the objectives that will guide your needs in wealth structuring, such as:

  • Financial planning
  • Retirement plan (vested benefits account)
  • Transfer of residence
  • Estate planning
  • Philanthropy

Tripartite relationship

A three-way solution: yourself, the custodian bank and us, the portfolio and wealth managers.

1. Client
We together determine your investment profile according to your risk profile, present the results in accordance to the agreed planning, with the guarantee of our availability throughout the mandate.

2. PPT
Our experts implement the defined strategy. Thanks to a state-of-the-art portfolio management process – our instructions are then sent to the custodian bank, allowing us to control the adequacy of the execution of all transactions.

3. Bank
The custodian bank is responsible for the custody and administration of the account, but is relieved of financial management. It ensures that we are in line with the powers you have given us.

Main custodian banks

Our independence allows us to freely choose our partners, in particular, our custodian banks. Our assessment is based on our experience and knowledge of the banking sector, but also on a sound method of analysis.

In order to guarantee a high-quality of service to our clients, we set ourselves strict rules in the selection process. As a result, we work with the strongest banks on the market.

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